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The use of frosted sticker in commercial spaces has increased with time.  Frosted window stickers have plenty of different uses, which could benefit you. They can increase privacy in your home, help brand your business shop front or improve your office space. Frosted vinyl creates an opaque effect, which is applied directly to glass. It reduces the visibility through the window but does not prevent any natural light from shining through. Perfect for keeping a room bright while ensuring privacy. Below we outline some of the biggest benefits of using frosted window stickers.

Commercial spaces need to grab the attention of potential customers as they pass your way, it’s important to draw in new customers. Frosted sticker designs can create unique designs on your windows or doors and give the customers on the inside a better experience. 

 Frosted stickers are used to decorate your office windows or meeting room partitions. Add office room numbers above your door, create a stained glass effect or use it as an effective privacy film. Frosted stickers can be easily removed, so you can change your window design whenever you want. 

 Advantages Of Frosted Stickers

  •     The stickers are the best way to offer privacy at your office space.
  •     These stickers does not block natural sunlight 
  •     It gives an opaque and frosted appearance
  •     As a frosted vinyl used in these printing it does not get wet
  •     They are easy to install and improves quality of glass
  •     It has high durability and can be removed easily

Despite its durability, frosted window stickers’ are removable. This is particularly useful when installing privacy glass in offices as it allows you to incorporate your logo or company branding into your frosted design. If at a later stage you move offices or change your branding, the frosted vinyl can be removed without damaging the glass

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Frosted Stickers Printing and Installing Kuwait
Advantages Of Frosted Stickers